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As a lifelong resident of South Bend, Indiana, it has been an aspiration of Peg Dalton’s to own and operate a business in her beloved hometown. After years of managing other restaurants, in 2001, Peg took a leap of faith and opened her first restaurant here in South Bend.

Since then, with the encouragement and support of her family, and the hard work and dedication of her staff, Peg’s restaurant has become a staple in the downtown community as the premier location for breakfast, brunch, and lunch.  Everything from business deals, press conferences and community fundraisers to family reunions, baptism celebrations and even wedding proposals have taken place inside these walls. Having built the kind of place where patrons feel like a part of the family, Peg is very proud of the warm and welcoming atmosphere the restaurant provides.


Peg’s passion for the community and the personal relationships with the people she serves has only strengthened over the years. As the downtown corridor emerged into a destination spot, Peg thought it was important to be a part of downtown's transformation. So, in October of 2017, she took another leap of faith and re-branded a new concept of PEGGS. “We will continue to be the warm, ‘everyone knows your name’ gathering place we have always been. But as we grow, partnership within the community continues to be a strong part of our mission,” says Peg. Through the collaboration with the Downtown Dining Association in bringing events into town, support of retail businesses through cross-promotion, and reciprocal support with the University of Notre Dame and the South Bend Cubs, PEGGS hopes to continue to represent what downtown South Bend wants for its residents. 


As a result of the relationships Peg has developed with local officials, businesses and organizations, her “little place” on South Michigan has become its own destination spot. The opportunity to serve and be acknowledged by the locals and out of town guests alike is a true joy for her. It is Peg’s hope, and the hope of her family and staff, that each time you walk through the door, you feel welcome and a part of the PEGGS family.

"People are the heart of our business and our food is the way we serve them. Through our engaging team, and with every meal, we are adding to the strength of the city we love and to the happiness of the people who live here."
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